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WHY It'z Hemp Horizon CLONES?

It'z Hemp Horizon high CBD hemp clones are certified and available to hemp farmers in the USA.

Hemp Clones Value Analysis:

When planting multiple acres, the economics of investing in hemp Mother plants reduces your clone and total crop yield cost.

We Provide Clones by the acre. It typically takes about 2000 clones per acre.


​Hemp Clones Cost:

  •  $6 = 1 Acre or less = 2000 x $6 = $12,000
  •  $5 = 2 acres or less = 2000 x $5 = $10,000, $10,00 x 2 acres = $20,000 

  •  $4 = 5 acres or less = 2000 x $4 = $8000, $8000 x 5 acres = $40,000

Why buy our  It'z Hemp Horizon Clones?

It can save you money and increase your profits.

How? By offering fair market pricing - and reduced market pricing options for It'z Hemp Horizon Clones members.

Purchasing certified hemp clones allows your  team to cut your risks and lower your cost (when compared to fair market  value of hemp clones.) 


If your company is ready to grow America's most valuable crop, contact our team today. 

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Start Cloning Today!

It'z Hemp Horizon’s primary goal is to provide stable and tested Industrial Hemp genetics for the CBD market.  We have personally tested and selected the best hemp genetics for the everyday farmer.  The clones we provide are high yield, high CBD percentage with low THC % that meets the federal guidelines.